Blackjack is a game that is well known in New Zealand. It is played as a game of the players against the dealer.

For centuries, blackjack has developed into different variants and with changing standards for players and vendors which makes the current blackjack type totally different from the one that was started. Since each player is playing against the dealer and not among themselves, more than one individual can win a round. To win any round, you should not go more than 21 and your hand must be higher than that of the dealer.

This likewise applies to online blackjack as it is almost like that of the land-based casino. Be that as it may, players don’t have to head out to a physical area before getting a chance to play the game, you can easily use your phone to play the game. When you click on online blackjack, you will find different tools that you can use to play the game. Also, you will be playing with a digital dealer that will serve you up the cards. Unless you are playing against a live dealer in a live casino, you will be playing agaisnt the computer in a digital game of blackjack online.

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Blackjack with Match the Dealer rule

In Blackjack, there are various methods of putting down wagers for the players when playing online blackjack. However, there are some bets that might not be well known to players since it is not really talked about. The less known sort of blackjack wager is the **side bet**. Side bets generally require more skill to understand and actualize. Blackjack side bets come in different forms and they include 21+3, Flawless Sets, Match the dealer rule. **Match the dealer** is a kind of side wager that is significantly found in blackjack variations like Spanish 21, and Double attack Blackjack. Fundamentally, for this side wager, a player wins when the underlying two cards of the player is the same with the dealer's face-up card in rank. The player wins higher when both of his cards is the same with the two cards of the dealer. That is simple. This bet does not in any way affect the main bet that you bet when you play online blackjack. You can place a bet on the main game which is to get a hand that is higher than that of the dealer and also bet on the side wager which is match the dealer The paytable for this side wager likewise varies for various variants. At the point when this side wager is added to blackjack, it pays 4 to 1 for one non-fit match. A non fit match is a match between two cards that are similar in rank but not suit. The bet is made in such a way that rank and suit can pay coin wins. When you have two matches that are non-suited, the side wager pays 8 to 1. For a situation whereby there is one fit match, between the dealer and the cards of the player. When this occurs, you will be paid 11 to 1. Be that as it may, in the event that you have one fit match and one non-fit match, the side wager pays 15 to 1. This is however not as high as when you get two matches that is of the same suit. When this occurs, you will be paid 22 to 1. While at the Spanish 21 variation, the payout is 4 to 1 for one non-fit match. For two non-fit matches, you will be paid 8 to 1. For a situation of two fit matches, it pays 18 to 1.

Finding the Right Online Casino for this Blackjack Bet

The above description shows the different payout that you get when you have a matches with the dealer. Match the dealer is a very simple type of bet and you do not need to be an expert to place bet on this type of bet. To enjoy online blackjack, you have to look for an online casino that you will like to play at and register. This online casino more likely than must meet certain prerequisites making it qualified for use. The principal prerequisite is that the online casino must be formally licensed by a recognized gaming body in the area in which the online casino operates. Much of the time, you will find the license details at the footer of the online casino. In this footer, you will see the physical location of the company and also the license number to identify the license. Likewise, the online casino must have a responsive support team that will help with any specialized issues at whatever point you encounter them. The support can be in any form however, the faster of all is the live chat. This gives you access to chat with the team as quickly as possible from your phone.

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Why play Match the dealer side bet?

There are different benefits that an online casino and this side bet can offer. These benefits are the reason the bet is important to be part of your routine. The first thing to understand is that match the dealer side wager can be a part of any variation of online blackjack. It is not only confined to Spanish 21 or other variants mentioned. It is a novel bet that functions with any type of online blackjack game. Match the Dealer side wager has lower pay when you compare the pay level with other side bets that is available in online blackjack. However, you will be able to get frequent win since there are more possibilities of getting matches. If you prefer small but steady wins, this is the wager you should try to become an expert at. You can also use Match the dealer with different betting strategies. The strategy you use does not affect your chance of winning at online blackjack. If you have developed a strategy that works well, you can easily make use of match the dealer side wager alongside your strategy.

There are some online casinos that offer match the dealer, and below are listed some of these online casinos

  • Club USA casino
  • 888 casino

Practice with Free Blackjack Online

On a final note, the match the dealer side wager is a sure thing for players hoping to get consistent wins from playing online blackjack. It is important for any player hoping to get a good result to equip themselves with the fundamental techniques like knowing when to split, hit or stand. This knowledge will improve their opportunity of having success in online blackjack. Since it is a side wager, it is not wise for you to start betting with real money without first testing out your skill with a demo game. There are different demo games that you can make use of to get yourself familiar with the gameplay if you have never players the game before. Rather, get acquainted with the primary wager, at that point you can continue to add side wagers to your play.

With regards to online betting, a consistent strategy that wins every time takes time to build. Therefore, you will require patience to get what you want. Make sure to claim every bonus that has been offered to you. Find an online casino today, look for online blackjack and start betting on match the dealer.